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ZuZu Music
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Home Recording and More

It started with a reel to reel 4 track recorder, a six channel mixer, and an 8 channel powered board.  ZuZu Music is capable of running sound reinforcement, live recording, mixing and mastering, and full production from start to finish.   ZuZu is designed to produce professional grade recordings and stems to add creative horn lines to your project and make it pop!  Equipment includes but is not limited to; 2 - 24 channel mixers (Presonus Studio Live and the 24r from Presonus); Shure, Rhode, AKG, EV, and CAD Equitek microphones; PZtronics Vertical Line Arrays powered by 2 Behringer ep2,000 watt power amps for live performances, and a cozy home environment to help your project go large.

Let’s Do This

219 W. Bank St., Albion NY 14411

Tel: (585) 866-1698

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